Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon – Fact Check


‘Fact Check’ By Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

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Fact check,
Tories don’t respect the electorate, they’re just out for the fat cheque,
Representing people with assets
While many amass debts, making cash stretch like it’s Spandex,
Hard nowadays holding on to what you have left,
It’s an epidemic steady spreading like the black death
Standards of morality are Transgressed
Every time the poor get poorer while the rich get taxed less
What the hell is bad press? When you can spin it in a minute and belittle a critic on a dismissive tip,
It’s a power structure reminiscent of a pyramid,
If you’re at the bottom what you think is insignificant
Time for you to give a shit and get yourself up in the mix
Can’t be apathetic we can ill afford the privilege,
Get yourself registered to vote it’s the simplest,
Thing that you can do and me and you can make a difference,
Coz the alternative is dismal
Whether you’re in Edinburgh, Birmingham or Bristol, London or Liverpool,
or somewhere miniscule, now is the moment to consider all your principles,
It’s something so insidious
White supremacists in America holding influence
Steve Bannon meeting with ministers, to give em tips
Messin’ with elections until every single systems rigged,
Let’s talk personality politics,
An i don’t mean who’s glasses are the wonkiest,
Let’s take a look at who, Alexander Johnson is and what his dogma is it’s not the same as who Boris is
Coz Boris is a character like in a comic strip
Always on that odd fish loveable Wally shit
All so we disregard the obvious that he’s incompetent and a not single word of truth comes from his lips,
He’s not fit for the office since
morals are a myth as long as he’s assured dominance
Who’s a fan of borises , Putin is, Donald is
Fuck you if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with this,
Dominic Raab’s in the party rubbing shoulders with little Hitlers and still reckons feminists are some of the biggest bigots
Talking of Dominic’s, Cummings is a little lizard puppeteer coming with that vitriol for the embittered
He’s got them livid from Lytham to Kidderminster
Banking on the city slickers not seeing the bigger picture,
Two thousand and sixteen this was a winner,
Twenty nineteen let’s give him the middle finger,
He’s shifty like Priti Patel in Israel
Having off the record meetings not releasing any details
Now she’s in the cabinet like butter wouldn’t melt,
smirking at you even if your life’s a living hell,
So I submit this isn’t the time for so what,
And sitting around while the NHS is sold off
Get yourself registered,
Any less is negligent
Before democracy is gone without a shred of evidence

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